So who is behind all of this? We The Data is born of a partnership between a group of friends, TED Fellows, and some visionaries at Intel Labs. A core team gathered to launch a campaign that enabled about 100 people to map and define the problem. Below is the core team and some of the key ‘problem mappers’ who contributed significantly to the process. Brought together by a common belief that ‘the internet is an organism in the process of being born’ and that we all have an important role in the data revolution, these groups worked together to seed what was to become a movement, #wethedata.

WE THE DATA of the World, in Order to form a more Meaningful Global Collective, establish Open Communication and Access, insure universal Transparency, provide for the common Good, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Vibrant Open Data for All as part of our positive legacy to the World, have hereunto subscribed our Names and share our stories.