Education platform uses big data to make kids smarter

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A tool like this actually makes a lot of sense, especially for younger students who don't always learn the same ways and can't compensate for every teaching style.”


Kickboard, a web-based school analytics platform, has closed a $2 million funding deal, the startup announced today.

Kickboard allows teachers to collect, analyze, and share student information in one centralized place. This eliminates a lot of the switching between other document software, databases, and test grade collection databases. The end result is hopefully to paint a better picture of what each student needs in terms of teaching and nurturing. A tool like this actually makes a lot of sense, especially for younger students who don’t always learn the same ways and can’t compensate for every teaching style. (And as someone who grew up as an ADHD child in Tennessee, I can attest to learning a hell of a lot differently than other students.)

The startup is the latest in a growing number of companies that are utilizing big data for positive change. In this case, Kickboard can be useful for individual students as well as improving the teaching methods of an entire school by pooling all the data to show broad analytics. Over 200 schools across the country are currently using Kickboard’s platform.

“In a performance-based culture, it is imperative that teachers, students and families have greater visibility into all elements of student performance so that they can take informed, decisive action and improve student outcomes,” said Kickboard founder and CEO Jennifer Medbery in a statement.

The funding round was led by New Markets Venture Partners and Two Sigma Ventures. The company said it plans to use the additional capital to hire more employees and increase product development. Founded in 2012, the New Orleans-based startup has raised a total of $2.8 million in funding to date.

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