(VIDEO) Shaping Serendipity: Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Jack Hidary

Shaping Serendipity: Methods for Maximizing Productive Interactions In-person and Online The Basic Principle — Increase your value. Think of yourself as a multi-faceted gemstone.

Online Encounters: Standing Out Amidst the Noise

  • Send out beacons — post blogs, photos, comments, etc.
  • Plant signals on websites both in- and out-of-field
  • Crowdsource the online marketplace for competitive labor and ideas
  • Cultivate weak links as much as strong links

In-person Encounters (EXTERNAL):

  • The Art of Conference Crashing — Find nearby conferences on topics outside your professional field and personal interests
  • Ask for permission to audit — Get to know the language of your shamans
  • Leverage your perspective as an outsider — Don’t follow directions; create a networking schedule instead
  • Devote time to workshops

In-person Encounters (INTERNAL):

  • Visioneering Exercises — Diversify working groups across departments and areas of expertise
  • Allot specific time and space to focused group work
  • Make the mandate aspirational — set big goals!
  • Incentivize idea-generation and experimentation; create a bonus structure that rewards innovation

Directed / Produced by Jonathan Fowler & Elizabeth Rodd

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