(VIDEO) Future of Work – Top 3 Innovative Crowdsourced Business Practices by Philip Rosedale

‘Second Life’ and ‘Coffee & Power’ visionary Philip Rosedale shares his top 3 innovative crowdsourced business experiments to inspire corporate transformation and leadership. In this Crowd Conf 2012 video exploring the Future of Work, Rosedale playfully describes 1.how companies can achieve full transparency, 2. how to crowdsource and manage projects to accelerate the development process and bring down related costs 3. Rosedale unveils Coffee & Power’s groundbreaking way of empowering employees to allocate company shares using a point system in what might be described as the gamification of stock allocation.

philip-rosedale-2“There’s wisdom in letting go and trusting people. I think giving up control in ways that you find deeply uncomfortable as an entrepreneur, like giving up the concept of your brand, is a very powerful idea. The reality is you don’t have a choice — the world is about to do it for you.”, adds Rosedale.

Check out his video to discover the changing future of work.

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