Join the Data Challenge at the Feast Worldwide Dinner Party!



Vibrant data can be enlisted to empower movements – big and small. It can bolster nascent efforts to edge towards freedom in the Middle East. It can organize collectives to simultaneously express themselves in spontaneous flash mobs. But what happens after the movement is over? After the glow from a spectacular singular experience has faded? How can we use Vibrant Data to make our daily lives richer, more connected and more fulfilling? How can we use it to enlist resources that are currently beyond our ability to access and mobilize?


And, critically, how do we do this in a way that opens up more opportunities and possibilities for everyone? In particular those for whom access to resources and the ability to organize and activate them is impossibly difficult? We’re mobilizing a community of social innovators to address this challenge at the Feast in New York City this week – Oct 3-5th as part of Social Innovation Week. We’ve posed a design challenge to that community – make vibrant data work for real people facing real challenges in their pursuit of a better life. From aging gracefully in a metropolis to navigating work and parenthood in the city as a single mom.


You can join in. Host your own Feast. Participate in a worldwide dinner party and experience the power of community on a global scale.  Take on the challenge and help us translate the idea of Vibrant Data into on the ground impact. Find out how at

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